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  1. Oh, no! I had no idea 2Peas was disbanding the digi creative team! So sad!

    And I just have to comment on gluten free- I transitioned a year ago to a nearly gluten-free diet (I still have bread once a week or so, just because I like it), and within THREE DAYS I noticed a massive difference in how I felt (my energy level went through the roof) and especially how well I slept. I’d say it’s definitely worth a try!

  2. Love your blog!
    so happy I found “you”

  3. Jaime Barks says:

    Hi! I am taking Regina Lords class. In fact, I am giveaway a free spot in the class on my blog (and I have a great coupon code!?).

    Hope you get to take the class!

    Much love!

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